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HABITS TO START YOUR DAY- Stay Healthy Stay Fit!



“Health is Wealth”, Health is the point of concern when you cannot monitor your food system. “Due to our regular busy life, we cannot have the time to focus on health”, a common statement or reason of unhealthiness. But to focus on health is more important than monitoring the portfolio of generating returns.  Sometimes simple 5 steps can help you to start your day with healthy routine. These simple steps can help you in growth of your immunity system. After all, a perfect start for a day ends up with Healthy mind.

1.       Lukewarm Water

Lukewarm water helps you in maintaining your digestive system with proper process. As soon you get up early morning, just get a glass of warm water, take a sip by sip early sitting at one place. Warm water increases body temperature, which therefore increases the metabolic rate. Then only move forward to your regular routine activities for the day.

2.       Green Tea

As a human mind, our mind is already habitual to the hot or cold things we consume on regular basis. So it is very important to inculcate a habit which is more healthy. Since we are habitual to cup of coffee or Tea in morning, the day we eliminate taking a sip, we get a bad day, maybe headache or feeling lazy. So whenever you plan to change a habit, do it step by step. Now drinking Tea or coffee is very common, and for the entire busy schedule, it is very easy to access coffee or tea. So, better habit is to take a glass of green tea or Lemon-Honey Water which may help you to perform your intestine in a better way.

3.       Work-out

Walking is the habit which has to developed in morning routine. Because sometimes walking in morning is more beneficial than in evening. Walking with bare legs on a grass also is recommended for vision and freshness. Jogging in the morning air is the best as all other exercises. And sometimes when with regular routines you are bored, keep changing your exercise like yoga, dance, zumba, cardio, floor exercise, etc. Changing the habits may help you to make your daily routine more interesting.

4.       Get Sufficient Sunlight

 Sunlight is good for our bones and body. He helps in building Vitamin D level. Indeed, most people are aware about sunlight exposure, but would like to throw some light that exposure to sun may help in protecting against cancer, Heart Disease, Lower Blood pressure which also makes you happier.

5.       Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast helps you to give you a choice to consume some vitamins and nutrients from healthy food. Keep dry fruits and healthy foods like grains and fruits in your breakfast to make it healthy. Eating a healthy breakfast has numerous health benefits for good day.



Bottom Line-

People invest time in earning money and once you are done, they start spending it on Health. So the smart decision is to start investing in Health first. 



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