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Good start in the morning with good habits

We always try to pretend to be health conscious before friend circle but forget what to do to keep our health sound. Early rise in the morning and little bit free hand exercise is very beneficial for health, but we show excuse of late night sleeping and other important works which are considered more important than health. For keeping our health active and energetic we should obey the following routine strictly as a rule right from the beginning of the day.


1. Early rise in the morning 

If you have a habit of early rise in the morning you will be 50% ahead from other. You should take the advantage of this habit of the morning walk. For early rise, you must be cautious to go to bed on time every day without any late.   

Walking at a speed of 3 kmph for 15-20 minutes is good enough at the beginning. By increasing the speed or timing you can get more benefit from walking. You will be benefitted in a different way; physical, mental and emotional for which you need not make any kind of expenses. 


2. Freehand Exercise:

Freehand exercise can be done in the room, at the nearby park even on the roof of the house. No instrument or weight is required for that regular freehand exercise for 15 minutes a day will result marvelously.  

The body becomes tuned as freehand exercise targets entire muscles of the body. As a result, muscular and cardiovascular strength will develop. Appearance becomes attractive due to the flexibility of the entire body and your confidence will increase in your performance everywhere in life.


Another benefit is weight control together with the increase of resistance power of the body.


3. Yoga:

We, everybody, know yoga is very good for our health. It is possible to find only 15 minutes a day for yoga to keep ourselves physically fit as well as healthy. Our joints of the body remain flexible and internal organs work efficiently which help to generate energy, hence this habits of 30 minutes a day keep our mind fresh and energetic. Everybody is to work for 8 to 12 hours a day depending upon the nature of work. If our mind is fresh; our health is active we can perform better physically and think about our plans to take decisions more accurately in every step of life which are important to be successful in life.

If you can practice little yoga regularly your life will turn to the spirituality also as in yoga, there are three benefits; physical mental and spiritual.


We see everywhere that depression in human life is increasing in every section of the people. Physical exercise is the best remedy to get rid of depression. 

It is also the truth that physical exercise in the form of the morning walk, freehand exercise and yoga give us relief from a number of diseases such as a seasonal cough and cold and fever, acidity and many other diseases. Moreover, blood pressure and sugar problem remain under control.


Hence it brings pleasure to our lives.


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