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Gangaajal is deadly to use for drinking & bathing, install the board of statutory warning:National Green Tribunal

NGT has ordered to stop any kind of construction from ‘Haridwar’ to ‘Unnao’ at a distance of 100 meters along Ganga coast. If any construction has been made within 100 meters already, then it is also ordered by NGT to shift to another place. 50 thousand rupees fine has been imposed for this mess. Many instructions are given earlier on the Ganges.

In a hearing, the NGT urges,”When cigarette are warned with the lethal warning printed on its packet, then why not people nearby be aware by putting a board of Statutory warning to save from the polluted Ganga’s river water “.

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) expressed deep dissatisfaction with this pollution for which the Ganga River water can not at all be used for the purpose of drinking and bathing in between ‘Haridwar’ and ‘Unnao’. 

Therefore the NGT raised the question that if cigarette packets can be warned, why should not be told about the adverse effects of Gangajal(Water of Ganga).

The Bench headed by the NGT chief said that considering the overwhelming respect for the Ganges, innocent people drink water and take bath too. Without knowing that the water of the Ganges is not meant for drinking and bathing due to its immense pollution.

While accepting the right to live in the Ganges, the Bench said that the Ganga Mission should have such a board at every interval of 100 km, in which information should be given whether the water of  Ganga is for drinking or bathing purpose or not.

The NGT asked the ‘Ganga Mission’ and ‘Central Pollution Control Board’ to put a map on its website within two weeks, in which it should be mentioned in which places water of  Ganga is suitable for bathing and drinking.

When People of India have their utmost faith on the holy river the Ganges, at that time our lax authorities and insensitive system need to be alerted and awaken as the time has ripened to take on this issue of pollution with top most priority to save 'Mother Ganges'.



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