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Egg is the perfect food to keep you healthy

An egg is an ideal food. Do you know why? You can find out today by reading this article. 

It has almost all the nutrient that is required by the body on a daily basis

Our body needs different types of nutrients. Failure to supply the body with enough of these nutrients could affect our health severely. You can find all the nutrients required by the body in an egg. 

It has all types of amino acid present in correct proportions

There are many classifications even among the necessary nutrients. Protein is one such example. Proteins are made up of different types of amino acids. Luckily all these different types of amino acids are present in an egg.  Not only that, they are present in correct proportions in an egg. 

It keeps your stomach full, so you tend to eat less junk food

Eggs are rich in protein. So, it keeps your stomach full for long. When you are full, you are less likely to eat foods that can give you calories. As a result, you have fewer calories in your diet.  Your eating habits improve due to this. 

The egg does not raise blood cholesterol level

Now, this may be a surprise to you, but it is true. Eggs have high cholesterol, yet it does not raise the blood cholesterol level. Research on blood cholesterol levels show that:

70 percent of people don't have any rise in blood cholesterol level

30 percent of people have a minor rise in blood cholesterol

Why so?

The liver produces a high level of cholesterol every day. When you eat eggs the high cholesterol from the egg is into your blood. Liver detects this high cholesterol and tries to balance out. Therefore, it releases less cholesterol in the blood. So, there is no adverse effect on your health. 

Egg reduces the risk of heart diseases and stroke

The egg is high in cholesterol, we all know that. But if so, then how does it reduce the risk of heart diseases? 

Risk of heart diseases depends on the LDL cholesterol level in the blood. There are two types of LDL cholesterol in the blood. Small dense LDL cholesterol particles and large LDL cholesterol particles. Studies show that people with small dense LDL cholesterol level have a higher risk of heart diseases. When cholesterol from the egg releases into the blood, it gets converted to large LDL particles. 

Egg contains an important nutrient called choline

The Egg contains Choline which is a rare nutrient.  This nutrient is used to make the cell membrane of the cell. It also helps in sending nerve impulses to the brain. Choline has many important goals in the body. The egg is one of the rare food where you can find this vital nutrient in your diet. 


Therefore, if you take eggs regularly:

You will remain healthy

Your body will have a better defense mechanism, 

you will lose weight you will have reduced risk of heart diseases

In conclusion, the egg is a superfood that you should have every day.  



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