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Depression, Why do people suffer from it and how to help a friend with depression





Most of the people nowadays, especially teenagers suffer from depression. Depression can strike at any given time, can be very deadly if a person is emotionally weak. Why am I suffering from depression?  Is there some hope for me out there? Those are just common questions depressed person asked themselves. If you are suffering from depression or if you know a friend who is suffering from it, we will do our best to somehow give you some tips to ease the burden you or your friend is suffering right now. But before we do that, let us take a little closer to what depression really is, what are its causes and how to cure it.



Also known as the major depressive disorder, typical and very serious illness that affects the way you think, you act, and how you feel. Depression can make a person lose its interest in any activities once enjoyed, and can cause a feeling of sadness anytime. It can also lead to an array of emotional and physical problems and lower the person’s capability to function and work at home, school, or any places the person regularly goes to.


Symptoms of depression

  • Having a depressed emotion or feeling sad
  • Loss of interest in any activities once enjoyed
  • Changes in appetite (which includes weight loss)
  • Having a trouble sleeping or sleeps too much
  • Always feels tired
  • Feels worthless and guilty
  • Struggles at thinking, concentrating, and making decisions
  • Thinks about suicide or death


It is important to a person to seek medical attention if suffering any of these symptoms, some other medical conditions such as thyroid problems, vitamin deficiency, and brain tumors can mimic the symptoms of depression.


1 out of 15 adults are diagnosed suffering from depression every year, and 1 in 6 experienced depression in their life. Women have a higher risk of suffering from depression than men, a study made by the experts shows that ⅓ of women will experience depression in their lives.

Why do people suffer from Depression


Many things can affect a person to get depressed including genes, hormones, and brain chemistry. Others are the environment and on how we react to our life events, all of these can be a reason for a person to be depressed.



   Neurotransmitters is an important chemical in our body to help send a message from the nerve cells into the brain. It also regulates the person's mood, if the neurotransmitters supply is low the person tends to suffer in depression. The brain chemistry and genes can be connected, if either of your parents suffered depression you might inherit a neurotransmitter problem that is also a part of depression.

Hormones, Stress, and Health

   Alcohol, drugs, stress and hormone changes can also affect the brain chemistry and mood of a person. A few health problems may cause a depression-like symptom like hypothyroidism that causes a depressed mood to a person. Depression-like symptoms can be treated by various doctors, enough sleep and daily exercise can affect the neurotransmitter and mood.


Life Events

   A death of a family member, friend or even a pet constantly goes above a regular grief and can lead to depression. Some life events can also trigger depression, including divorce.



Social Environment and Family


   A negative, stressful, and problematic family ambiance can also lead to depression, and other situation might lead to depression too, such as poverty, bullying, violence, and harassment. Those situations does not necessarily lead to depression, but without proper support and relief makes vulnerable to this illness.

   For some of us feeling sad, and despair from time to time is just a normal part in our lives, but for others it hinders them to live the daily lives they used to do. Depression simply means “feeling low” in any situation, people who are suffering from depression need to seek a medical attention eventually to help them understand what they are going through and what to do. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, in fact, 1 in 4 of us is suffering from many other mental illness, and depression is one of the most familiar illness.


How to Help Those who are suffering from depression

   Most of the people nowadays don’t really know what depression really is and misjudges those who are suffering from it. Some of us might feel awkward and unable to help them, but the truth is you are the one who they really need. If you know someone who is suffering from depression and you don’t know how to help them, we will give you some tips on how to lessen the burden and the stress they are experiencing right now.


   Compassion is one of the main ingredients to help someone from any illness. Encouraging them to do something different to survive and overcome their illness is very helpful to them. You can inspire them to talk about what they really feel and talk to them that you really care about them. Some of them feel shy to open up about their feelings, so if they don’t want to talk about it, just tell them that things will get better and that you are always there to help and support them no matter what happens.



   If they choose to talk about what they feel, try to listen very carefully in every word they say. They are going to a very difficult time, some of them might be acting more irritable and reckless that sometimes lead to misunderstanding of those who don’t know what really is happening. Dealing with aggression, negativity, and moodiness is not easy, but try to understand them that they do not naturally mean what they say or do in their ongoing state. It is so important that you understand them and do not take it personally or blame them, try to encourage them instead. Those who are suffering from depression show unusual and violent behavior, try not to judge them and do your best to ensure their safety.



   It takes a long time to recover from depression and it is important that they go at their own step. Depression is a current battle throughout their life, they must continuously learn how to handle the stress in their life. Even if they have already started for a treatment, it might take a long time to them to recover, in fact, it is the best time for you to show them how much you really care for them. Some of them might feel that no ones on their side during this development, so it is really important that you are! Support them and always be patient to them.


Spend Time with Them

   Those who are suffering from depression experience good and bad days, some might lose or show a little interest in the things they usually love and sometimes choose to stay at their homes than going out. If they feel going out with you, it is also the best time to show your support and care to them. Try to spend your time with them by doing the things they once enjoyed, keeping them distracted is really important so they somehow forget their ongoing problems in their lives, but you have to ensure that it is within their comfort zone to avoid any misunderstandings. Most of the time people who are suffering from depression wants to be alone, so try to eventually check on them by texting or calling them and telling them that you are always there in case they need you.

Many things make us mentally tired, it can the loss of our loved ones, or the disappointment of losing a job, and financial problems. When we feel depressed our world stops to work, we feel stuck and empty, that sometimes lead to a belief that no ones there to help us. But there is actually one person who cares and helps us in everything we do, I guess you already know him, his name is Jesus Christ the son of God, and came here on earth to tell us and show us that he loves us so much. The world we are living in is crazy and broken if you want comfort, love, and peace in our lives try to talk with Jesus Christ through prayer. Jesus can help us to change and to overcome the problems we are facing in our lives. A simple but wholeheartedly prayer can help us overcome fears in our lives.


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John Patrick Claver


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