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Are you living healthy or unhealthy?

A little change in your diet is worth more than a visit to the clinician. A change in feeding behaviors, a change in a diet plan, or a simple action in the right direction and the outcome is the disease course changes. Recently, more research expounds on disease management through dietary plans. Of course, the investigation will never be welcome by any pharma- company. It's bad for business. Notable results do not see the light.

Diet plans have been an integral part of a healthy life, but very few observe them. Your diet affects nearly every aspect of your health and most importantly try to keep your body hydrated and not with those power drinks. Did you know that you are free to self-treat through nutritional measures but not through medication? You do not need to consult a doctor for you to come up with a healthy diet plan. However, who cares about lifestyle diseases? Who feels the need to drop junks and eat nasty smelling and bitter herbs to stay healthy? Very few do that.

We all want the sweet and nice things ingested in our body and pray that our body system will take care of everything. We do not care what our body does with what we throw at it. There is even no time for our body and the brain to release some of the toxins. The new wave of diseases is less bacterial, viral, or pathogenic. The new medical terminologies keep piling up, yet they keep trying the same management methods.

Lifestyle disease management hinges on adopting healthy behaviors like changing your eating habits or adjusting your exercise behaviors. Not everyone knows the benefits of living a healthy life. The reason for having Health Education is to take care of such disparities. Let everybody know and learn about the benefits of staying healthy, watching themselves, what they eat, the company they keep and how they live. How many people are reached by this gospel?

When we keep on saying we have come from far, then it means we don't care about our destination anymore. It means we are comfortable with the way things are. If I'm overweight, then it's nobody's business. It is my life! Who cares if I'm doing enough exercise, if I'm getting enough sleep or if I'm leading an unhealthy life?

The simple things we ignore day in day out are the ones contributing to a rise in lifestyle diseases. Everybody is an expert when it comes to their body's health issues. It turns the more you believe you know, the less you do that you think you know. 

The topic of lifestyle diseases boosts an extensive coverage but so you know there is more to be talked diet and diet plans. This article looks at the subject from a non-academic angle. There is nowhere the stats apply because there is too much of that in the web. The mood here is what do we ignore? How well do we know our health status? And how much change and sacrifices are we willing to make?