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Obstacles to implementing Total quality management

Obstacles to implementing Total quality management

For a company to maintain its competitiveness and safeguarding its name and market share, competence must be ensured. This means that quality must be attained. For total quality, then total quality management should be strictly deployed. There are obstacles which try to block total quality management. They include the following;

Reluctant commitment to management 

It creates negligence and ignorance of responsibility hence team members end up not doing what is they are supposed to do at a particular time hence poor organizational performance. Failure is acknowledged due to the inability to manage a quality production.

Some stakeholders seem to stagnate on organizational culture since they don't give themselves room for change and development. This can be termed as the art of not being open-minded. This is in the case of technological developments, new trends, etc.

Improper planning is a very dangerous aspect which plays a big role in failure and inability to achieve quality which is the main and basic concept in production. Proper planning and proper implementation of the plan is a major skill needed when it comes to quality production.

Total quality management is evolving every now and then hence new techniques and invention are emerging every new day depending on the market information and customer demands. Lack of frequent pieces of training can play a big part in the downfall of an organization due to the lack of necessary information, proper ways and techniques on how to solve a particular problem.

Isolation of some individuals or even departments causes incompatibility in the organizational structure

Ineffective monitoring and evaluation lead to unnecessary allocation of resources hence ending up not being used for the destined purpose. Poor M&E make the organization to be run without a direction and without information about its progress/performance.

Internal customers(workers) and external customers are very important aspects whom if not paid attention to, the company might end up making a very poor quality production.

Poor teamwork in the organization and less consideration of employee empowerment.

Reluctance in seeking organizational continual development hinders the company from quality improvement.


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