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Kure Coin The shape Africa is Taking in Crypto currrency


It is about 10 years now since the introduction of Bitcoin which is the first digital currency in the world. As people modified their interaction with money, it was then that new form of money came in, i.e. Cryptocurrencies. which has led to the need of operating without the need for cash and high demand in digital payments across the globe. The global need for cashless payments will continue to rise and in time the choice of paying in cash will come to an end. However, today there are more than one thousand digital currencies.

Kurecoin is a cryptocurrency that is decentralized and built Proof of State (PoS) algorithm thereby offering the whole cryptocurrency community seamless and more secured transaction mode for the investors in within KureCoinHub ecosystem and other major exchanges. It is aimed at solving challenges faced in banking, trading, and exchange with the exponentially growing cryptocurrency users worldwide. Benefits The security is guaranteed since there is Proof of Stake(PoS) mining in the Kurecoin, hence the network security of Blockchain is assured.

There is a strong community. It positioned to attract millions of users by the end of 2018 and years to come. Global transactions. KurePAY card can be used anywhere across the world. Hence making it easier for users to use it. Multi-platforms. Kurecoin is set to tokenize the world business one sector at a time; just the same way as they are confident to be the first through their multi-facet block-chain foundation. Seamless and Exchange. There is peer to peer exchange between Kurecoin and Bitcoin among other cryptocurrencies which is carried out on KUREX platform.

Profit sharing. There is periodic sharing of profit from Kurecoin bank and Kurecoin exchange to holders of the coin.

ICO Details

Start date: 1st June,

2018 End date: 30th June 2018

Token distribution: 2 weeks after the ICO crowd sales Mode of payment: Bitcoin and Ethereum The sale of the token will be conducted in two phases having different bonuses in each and every stage.

Phase one of the token sale will see investors getting 45% bonus of the KRC token that is purchased. Phase two will come with a 35% bonus for the investors. However, in addition, the referral program offers 10% of the total token that is purchased when a referral link will be used. Soft cap : $2M Hard cap : $22.75M

The team

ABIKURE TEGA; Co-founder and CEO. He is a great financial advisor, business mentor and also a coach. Mutual funds, portfolio management, alternative investments are among his great expertise. He was among Finedge Consult team which organized and also provided funds for almost all local companies which were in need of low lending rates for capital projects. Also, he is a co-founder of HYOB project, which is very dedicated to empower and mentor young entrepreneurs.

IJOMONE M.K: Co-founder and Chief Strategist. He is an expert in investment, a mentor in business and venture capitalist. He is the co-founder of Kurecoin which is the first Blockchain project ever from Africa. He is a prominent Blockchain enthusiast who is an active member of the Blockchain community since the year 2005.

MATHEW A. ADEYEYE: Co-founder and CTO. He is a software developer and has a deep knowledge of many years of experience in his work. He is internationally certified in cybersecurity and in the development of software.

MICHAEL SINCLAIR: CMO Partner/Advisor. He has been a very successful entrepreneur in the past 20 years. His main focus has been on the development marketing and the companies that are technology based in Philippines and United States. He has nationwide successful real-estate company and also a large portfolio of holdings in real-estate.

MICHAEL HOLDMAN: Business Development Partner. He is the CEO and the Co-founder of Prasaga. Since the early 80s, Michael has been involved in Telecom and Internet.


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