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How to Save Money Effectively

Everyone knows that having savings is very important. But more often than none things come up and we empty our savings, this happens repeatedly to the point where we decide not to save anymore. Saving is very easy and would work well for you eventually, here’s how to save effectively:

1.      Set a goal and a purpose:

The very first thing to do is to set a goal of how much you want to save over a period of time. This would enable you to know how much you have to save to get the desired income. You also need to determine the purpose of savings, never save without reason; your savings could be for a business investment or future events, children, fees or so on. There is always a reason why savings would be needed; write important reasons why the savings is important. This would encourage you to save.

2.      Open a savings account with no ATM cards:

One of the reasons why we spend our savings is because it is very accessible to us. We carry our debit cards everywhere we go and when an expense arises it’s very easy to spend our saving. Open a savings account where it is difficult to withdraw your savings until after a given period of time.

3.      Cut down on expenses:

Try not to live beyond your means; taking a taxi, ordering food, buying every latest gadget or excessive shopping can cause you to have unnecessary expenses that would cause you to have nothing to save. When necessary write down your expenses on monthly basis and cut off the things you can do without.

4.      Avoid borrowing money:

Entering debts is something that could destroy your savings and leave you bankrupt in no time. Try as much as possible to not fall into debt; don’t borrow money from people with the mind of paying them from your savings or when your next allowance comes in.


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