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How to gain financial freedom?



Blueprint is simply the plan or the layout procedure for doing something

Financial blueprint, therefore, means the layout plan on how to make and efficiently use the wealth obtained. Below are some of the powers or advantages of having a financial blueprint;

It is the key to unlocking the uncommon wealth

Just as an architect uses a blueprint to build houses and skyscrapers, having a set plan on how to make your wealth will assist you to build it in a short time. It gives you a guideline on the ways and the most efficient methods of acquiring your wealth

Helps you to write down goals

Goals are made according to what someone wants to achieve in life, having a financial blueprint will, therefore, help you to plan with your targeted finances and make the goals which you wish to achieve in life.

Plan gives power

With an organized thought, everything is possible and you are bound to succeed, it is said that if you fail to plan then you have automatically planned to fail. This shows that for success and financial freedom to be achieved the most important ingredient is a plan or having a blueprint.

A plan gives you discipline

When having an efficient plan, you are bound to adhere to the procedures you have laid down strictly so that you can reap much from the laid down blueprint of your work. When this is done religiously the success becomes inevitable.


Mental wealth is the wealth that is created within the mind. Ordinarily, the material wealth is first created in the mind as a blueprint which is then translated to the material wealth through working on the blueprint to create financial freedom.

The mind is the greatest investment

All the things which take place in the world, all the money and, buildings and the tallest skyscrapers are a result of mind, quite often people line at the bank to get some money not knowing that even the bank is all about someone’s smart mind. This is a typical reason why the brain is considered the greatest investment. People who invest in their brains get super smart yields.

Do the brains work not the donkey work

Quite often teachers tell their pupils and students to work hard, they are unknowingly wrong because instead of telling their students and pupils to work hard they should instead encourage them to work smart. Most people do complain about CEO’s just swinging their chair and at the end of the month, they part with a huge amount of money as their salary. What they don’t know is that what you do doesn’t matter. What matters is what are you in charge of; like the CEO’s control all the factors of production in a company.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Success all begins in the head

There is some say which goes, “The brain is not a vessel to be filled but it is fire to be ignited” This means that our brain is already full of everything, all you need to do is to ignite it then it picks up. Even the luxurious vehicles many people desire are just in the head deeply rooted in the mind. All you need to do is to think positively and work towards your goals.


The focus is the ability to stick in your plans on matter what, the financial focus will help you to achieve your financial aspirations within the shortest time as you will not be interrupted by other things. It is the focus that makes cheater one of the best hunters among the animal kingdom reason being ones it has settled or focused on a prey, it is not interrupted by a cheaper option.

The best ways to maintain or increase your focus is through mastering the power of focus. Do what you can do best and don’t be convinced by a cheaper option as this will disrupt you. Focus also adds to the ingredients of financial freedom and success.

Focus also deals with setting your priorities right. It is also important that you set only those priorities that are key importance in achieving the kind of financial freedom, you want. Remember too many priorities will make you lose focus and this will have a negative effect on your financial blueprint.     


The mind of an investor is far different from the mind of a consumer e.g.  

v An investor thinks of multiplying his money while a consumer thinks of spending his money

v An investor thinks how to make his money work for him while consumer things of how to work for money

v An investor thinks of assets while a consumer thinks of liabilities

v An investor thinks business, a consumer thinks employment

These differences clearly shows the difference between a business-oriented mind and a nonbusiness min


Ways of achieving investment in the mind

Ø Reprogram your mind for wealth- anything you set in your mind is achievable

Ø Have an active and direct thinking- this will help you to achieve uncommon success

Ø Become opportunity minded- job vacancies are advertised but nobody advertises opportunity, it’s all about spotting a market gap and taking it to task

Ø Eliminate mediocrity out of your mind- the greatest enemy of success is mediocrity. This is because your thinking determines what you achieve in the long run.



Money management has become a challenge to most people in the whole world. Many people dream of making some big money yet they fail to maintain the little they have if you can’t manage the 100 dollars you have who told you that you can manage 1000 dollars? For serious investors, every bob counts while pessimists think that tomorrow will take care of itself...

Ways of money management.

Ø Know where your money goes- this will help you to keep track of your expenditure.

Ø Prioritize your expenditure- this will help you to only spend on those items which are necessary. It only mostly deals with knowing the difference between a need and a want.

Ø Financial excellence- financial excellence all deals with recognizing the value of money. Money has high value and therefore should be treated with the utmost seriousness.

Ø Self-discipline- you should be very discipline while dealing with your money. Stick to the expenditure plan you had before and don’t overspend on something not worth it, also handle your money with utmost integrity so that you can be assured that you can handle other peoples finance with integrity.



Saving is all about the future, if you can’t save then you don’t have future or you have no plans for the future. Optimists believe in the life after today while pessimists only believe in the lite today.

Savings at times can be for investment, it is also a habit that needs to be learned and not a process. Savings and investing are the only ways to secure your tomorrow.


Ways of developing the power of savings

v Plan your retirement so as to set aside money for your retirement early

v Decide on how much money you want to make

v Decide on how much money you want to save and invest

v Decide how much money you need to put away for your retirement

v Master the power of accumulation

v Create a dream account and target

v Master your money habits




Investment all deals with assets, as it is known to you, wealth is not all about money, it is all about the assets you own, assets are those items which pay you. In a business, the most important thing is the assets. If your liabilities outweigh your assets then you make losses, on the other hand when the assets outweigh the liabilities then you gain in and that is what business is all about.

Investment, just like savings is also a security to the future; this is what differentiates the middle class, the low class, and the high class. The high class thinks of adding more assets, the middle class thinks of adding more liabilities like loans while the low class adds on their amenities which are not essential for their survival

Ways of increasing power to invest

Investigate before you invest-this is to make sure that the place or business you are about to invest has the capability of yielding the highest profits.

Start investing now- just as it known, procrastination is the highest enemy of success, the time is now, and if not now it is right now.

Invest in your passion- when you have a passion about something you strive very much to satisfy it fully, therefore if you have a passion in the hotel and restaurant industry then you should invest in the latter.

Take advantage of investment opportunity- just like we said before investment opportunities are not advertised and therefore it is upon you to check keenly and identify the opportunities and pick them up immediately.


The key issues to be considered in investment include;

1.     Future growth of your investment idea

2.     Scalability of your business

3.     Future trends within the industry

4.     Management team

5.     Profitability and rate of return




Financial strategy just simply refers to the financial blueprint all the other factors are the same, it’s all about planning on how to get your finances, and how you are going to spend each and every cent to accountability. That’s the general principle of financial strategy or the laid down procedure.           


Financial decision is in one way or the other related to financial focus, the decision you make and the focus or attention you give it is what yields success. Financial decisions also deal with the general principle of setting your priorities right. Making the right financial decision is a major tool in acquiring financial freedom.


Making money is like a journey with no destination; money occurs in endless digits that you will never reach the end. Therefore it is important to learn how to celebrate who you are and what you have achieved. That which you have achieved is the best you can achieve in your present moment until you add on the way you view your plans and strategies. Feel happy about what you have achieved currently while keeping the right perspective about money so that you cannot go off track on your financial goals.


Generosity is the real expression of living beyond ourselves; as a matter of fact, I have never seen a person reduced to poverty because he gives. In fact, in the holy book, it is written that the hand which gives is the hand that receiveth. We are therefore advised to give with an open heart. Winston Churchill; the former British Prime Minister once said,” we make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give”In short share out your success by giving back to the world. And as the saying goes, “a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”


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