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How to claim pf easily from home

Well, it's always been an adventure in India when it's your turn to get your own hard earned money back to you. While I was keen on taking my of out many people suggested to do it online but none of them knew how, many suggested to go to pf office, many suggested to visit x companies and etc. Etc.

In the End, Now I have got my off from all of my 4 companies I previously worked for just by spending some time on the internet and forwarding some mails, making some calls but believe me, if you follow this, then you don't have to step out with any hassle. So here it is :

1.) IBM (2012-2013)

* Now companies that you started working before or in 2012 won't be having a UAN no. So claiming it online is not possible.

* Just download Form 15 G, Non-employment certificate, form 10c and form 13

* Get your pf no. From the salary slip

* Make sure no overwriting and proper signatures and write everything except your email address in capital letters

* fill up the forms, put it in an envelope, mail it to Gurgaon office of IBM (get the updated address on Google)

* the company will respond in next 3-5 working days either by email or mail

*Fill up the required form the company sends you and your bank details

* Pf will be transferred in your bank account in min. 10 days and max 30 days

2.) Midland credit management / Encore Capital Group (2013-2014)

* Companies you worked for in this time frame has your no. Updated and most probably will not be included online in your current UAN.

* You need to go to the epfo site - for employees - login and just under the login will be Activate you UAN...Click on that

* Enter you information...remember to enter and search with your old number that might be registered with the company. Either the screen will give you your UAN no. Or a message "Your UAN IS ALREADY ACTIVE.

* if you get this message, then from your mobile number which might be registered with this company, send a text to 7738299899 Typing EPFOHO UAN ENG. You will get your UAN and claim online.

CLAIMING TIME : Min. 3 days, Max. 10 days

Barclays (2014-2015)

* Now there are some companies which would have created your uan but it's not included in your salary slip and you do not know about simply call the payroll team or hr to give it a head start and enquire about your uan no. Over the phone. They are able to pull it out from your emp. Code and you already do the verification. Make sure before you call them, send the hr team an email regarding the same. Talk easily, and get your UAN.

CLAIMING TIME : Min. 2 days, Max 7 days

Convergys (2015-2016)

* Basically every company you have joined after 2014 has a uan no. For you, either a new one or JOINT one from the previous organization.

* Go to EPFO site - For Employees - Manage UAN - login - online services - claim(form 13)

CLAIMING TIME: Min 15 days, max 30 days


1.) Have your pf numbers and salary slips ready, it didn't matter if you resigned or absconded but information is required

2.) Make sure that the phone number you gave for KYC should be connected to your AADHAR card (If not, then go to any nearby aadhar centres to get it done)

3.) Pan Details - AAdhar Details - Bank Details should be uptodate

4.) I HAD 4 DIFFERENT UAN NO.'s . So in case you look online that a person can only have one uan no. And all that shit, don't believe, believe me, because I can show you proofs for it. Feel free to follow the same procedures on every one of them in case you have more UAN no.

Feel free to comment below for any queries.


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