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A major blow to the Amrapali Group AS Supreme Court ordered to attach 40 Companies Properties.

The Supreme Court has issued a major blow to the Amrapali Group and ordered the attachment of bank accounts and movable property of all 40 companies. During the hearing on Wednesday, the court has asked all the directors of the company to freeze their bank accounts. 

Not only this, the Supreme Court has asked all the director's personal property to be attached. While hearing the case, the Supreme Court has strongly rebuffed the Amrapali Group. 

The court remarked that Amrapali Group is playing dirty games with the court. The group is also not following the order given by the Supreme Court. During the hearing, the court filed a strong reaction and said that the Officials of Amrapali Group are playing with the patience of the Apex Court. In this case, the court also has issued summons to the Secretary of Urban Development Ministry. 

The Court has also ordered NBCC Chairman to appear on Thursday. The court said that we want to know that when the matter is pending in the Supreme Court, how are the initiatives taken to complete the project? The court has also asked for the list of Chartered Accountants to look into accounts of all 40 companies in Amrapali Group. The hearing will continue on Thursday in this case.

 It is worth noting that in April this year, the Supreme Court had asked the Amrapali Group about their project. During that time the court had asked how long time these nine projects would take robe completed and how much would it cost? Who will in charge? And how much money has been taken for this from buyers?

 The counsel appearing on behalf of the buyers in the Supreme Court, ML Lahoti said that on their behalf, the report was submitted about 9 out of 16 projects in the court.


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