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The Most Amazing Facts that You Did Know About Jeff Bezos

From the earliest times, the founder of "Amazon" dreamed of incredible schemes, and then one day he succeeded. He is an incredibly talented individual who had dreams and hopes ever since he was a child. And apparently, he proved that with hard work and patience you can definitely make your dreams come true and become a successful individual.

In 1994, Jeff Bezos held meetings with 60 relatives, friends, and potential investors to persuade them to invest 50,000 dollars in his online bookstore idea. Many did not agree, and they lost the opportunity to be part of his mega-company "Amazon". The biggest winners were his parents who invested 300,000 for six percent of his company.

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However, most of it was Bezos, which still owns 16 percent of "Amazon", which makes him the richest man in the world with $ 130 billion in recent years, and his fortune is rising. Yes, that is right, this is the richest person in the world and probably the most successful given the fact how wealthy he is.

Bezos is very rich for a very long time but has only recently begun to actually spend his billions. With his wife in 1999, when he already had nine billion dollars, he still lived in a one-room apartment that they rented.

Today, however, he has a large number of houses, he is the 25th man in America with the highest ownership of land, and in 2013 he bought the Washington Post newspaper for $ 250 million. However, he still did not take the steps of his fellow billionaires who gave much of their wealth to charity and investment.

His father did not even know about him

Mike Bezos is Jeff's father and hero, although he is not his biological father. His real father Ted Jorgensen is someone he has never met.

- As far as I'm concerned, Mike is my real father. Only when I think about it is when the doctor asks me to fill out the form - Bezos said in 1999.

Jorgensen did not even know that his son was rich until the journalists found him at the bicycle store.

"I did not know where he was, whether he had a good job or not, or whether he was alive or dead," said Jorgensen, who died in 2015.

Talented kid

Bezos, from the earliest time, showed that he was talented. He used a screwdriver to sleep in a proper bed. He was admitted to the school for talented children. However, his teachers felt that he was not particularly gifted for leadership.

With analytics to women

He met McKenzie in a job interview, and before that, he tried to apply the analytics to finding love. He called the program the "flow of women," and he thought he could increase the number of women he would have had a chance with if he took dance lessons.

However, McKenzie said she was after Jeff and not vice versa. Three months later they were engaged, after which they were married. Shortly thereafter, Bezos came up with the idea of ​​an internet bookstore, and although she admitted she had no business sense, she saw that he was very excited. They chose to move to another place because there was a big book distributor nearby. Also, under the American law in Seattle, the company had to collect sales tax only from domestic sales.

Today they have four children.

A dream on the colonization of the universe

Bezos decided that he wanted to go into space when he was in high school, but not as an astronaut. He wanted to colonize the universe. As the best student in school, he gave an interview to Miami Herald, and then said he wanted to "build space hotels, amusement parks, and colonies for two to three million people who would be in the orbit."

- The whole idea is to preserve the Earth. The goal is that people can evacuate themselves. The planet Earth would become a park - said Bezos.

Recently, his missile "New Shepherd" sent a Skywalker doll into orbit, and the billionaire space tourism and research company Blue Origin plans to send the first customers in space next year, including Jeff. "Blue Origin" finances Bezos by selling shares worth one billion dollars a year.

Officially, Bezos sent an invitation to US President Donald Tramp tweet, stating that he was "guarding the place on the rocket" with hashtag "sendDonaldinspace’’.


This is definitely one very talented individual that we must look up to and admire his deeds and accomplishments. He is a real proof that anything in life can be achieved only if one has a strong desire and is willing to work on it to make it happen. Follow his steps and make your dreams come true. 


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