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What Makes you a Hippie !!!

Hippies : The moment we all hear this word, we start to imagine drug addicts, ragged clothes, the word peace, the symbol of peace, being naked, long hairs, no work etc. In short, people who are Wasted.

This is a MISCONCEPTION. A big one Initially, the problem is most of us have not even tried to find out the reality behind it but just trying to copy and going by the picture given to us by the society.

Hippie is actually a name given to members of a counterculture(a culture whose values and norms differ from mainstream society). When a group of people was not agreeing to the social norms, they decided to find like-minded people who feel the same and formed a group together, happened in the US for the first time and named their group Hippies or Hipsters. These members believed in having an altered state of consciousness, that means having a different thought, a different perception about life, about culture, about how the world had formed, how it will be sustained. Initially totally against the society. Of course, the society wanted to prove them wrong, well, who would want questions raised on themselves?

Society didn't have an answer to this, hence, in order to prove the society wrong, this group started traveling and initially started practicing or I would say experimenting different ways to explore, explore places, explore like-minded people, explore themselves and the truth of Nature. Started experimenting on the sexual revolution, doing drugs like weed, lsd in order to explore into deep reality. Did not care about the society but an exploration for a different mindset altogether. Didn't believe in materialistic things like money so in order to help their clan survive, started helping each other to look at life from a totally different perspective. To show that humans are created from nature, Nature is Our mother and one can survive with just the help of Nature. Feel happy, staying together, considering everyone equal, bringing peace so that Life gets Stress free and Easier. The dressing was a way to present one's creativity, our own body as the Decorative piece and showing Art with no fake or materialistic support.

You don't need to dress shabbily, travel or smoke all day to be a hippy.

If you think you have a Creative Mindset that thinks different from the rules of the society, if you can consider every human being as the same, if you revolutionize for no War anymore, you support peace and You are ready to share your knowledge and tell people about it, experience things, if you learn from nature. Well, These thoughts itself makes you a Hippie. Someone who opposes the Perception of mainstream society but not with a fight but rather an explanation, behaviors, knowledge, and creativity.

Not doing drugs, wearing good clothes will not be taking you out of the clan because the Motive is the same. It's a Message. For the society, just presented in a Creative Manner.

Always Remember!

Your Thoughts make you a Hippie, not your Looks!

Your Creative Imagination makes you a hippie, Not your Addictions!

Your Intellectual Conversations makes you a hippie, not your laziness

Your Revolutionary Actions makes you a Hippie, Not your peace symbol.

Decide for yourself now! Are you a part of this clan?


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