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How to improve the quality of fashion industry

written by : Devjeet Majumder

  The fast to improve the quality of fashion germants in an industry is must. The changing economic situation such as global competitin, customer demand for high quality product and  product variety.The demand for high quality at a low prices is increasing and survive,apparel manufactures need to improve their operation through producinf first time quality and waste reduction. It improves  and sustain process performance  with well -executed  control plans. The industry can make to gain high productivity and profitability with impove much quality  product by minimizing the needs for works. It also minimizes the cost and to improve internal throughout time.

  This may improve the low quality and raw materials or faulty process or employee's casual manner. It is important therefore , that he factory must evolved well- defined check points to control  the quality ad reduce the rejected materials. Reworks in the garmants industry are so quite common but they damaged the smooth normal production.

  In the fashion manufacturing industry, we have to take steps to improve the all min raw materils and other all necessary things.In many fashion industry,the raw materials is fabric ;others are different types of trimings and accessories. Operational wastages in the fashion manufacturing pracess are- top surface rework otherwise the quality of the products must not be high.Many equipments and machineries are need to be check every week ,if it is not do properly the machineries are going to be faulty and does it wrong work.

seaming defects: These defects are seeing when errors arising from wrong functioning of sewing machine.

Seaming defects; These dfects are usually caused by errors arising from interacting of operator and machine in handling of germants.

Placement defects: These defects usualy caused when arising any errors in marking as well as sewing operations in the sewing room .

Embroidery defects; These defects are caused when any errors arising from the embroidery processing of germants.

 The most vital improvemen that can be check wheather there are any casualty in the working place . It must be take care to managemant of fashion industry to see that there are all working process are done smoothly.To improve the quality of fashion germants there is to need of co-workers and good relationship. The all kinds of fashion indudtry in the country are to generate their development machines to make product more. The factory are set to theirpration in the field of making germants cloth better.The  process of making the fashion industry good to take steps of removing all wastage thing in the industry. The all working in an industry is to verify wheather there are any facaulty in any working of making a grermants clothsproperly . The improvemant of machinery and equipments need to be check regularly then the factory make a good quality of fashion products and supply to the customers. They must to need to check the quality of cloth which they are making the germants design of their own.There are many ways improve yhe fashion industrymuch good and better.


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