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Trendy Dress Code for the Summer

Summer is here and it is exciting

For those who will have to be working throughout this holiday, I say don't worry, there will be plenty of time for you to enjoy this holiday, while for others who can't handle the heat I say "buckle up" because it's only going to get hotter. 

It's a holiday for friends and families to get together, it's going to be a Fantastic Summer. From Beach Parties to Pool Parties or even Evening Dinners and much more.

Everyone at this time of the year is allowed to have a good time, enjoy the warmth and Fun Occasions.

Ladies from all around the world would have by now gotten in perfect shape to hit the beautiful beaches in their homeland and or travel to have amazing experiences.  

In all this new experiences and excitement the main thing that I look out for and I know for fact many other females are looking out for this,

The Summer Dress Code 

This is important to many people especially our females and I must say it is most natural with a vibrant culture like Jamaica's.

Everyone has their own opinion about the style and what they should be wearing for the summer and not to mention the colors they come in though I must say that it is just amazing how Stylists including Dressmakers or Taylor's and Big or small Designers can merge this "Fashion Dazzle" and create rare and interesting clothing to suit every one need and this is important because the style that works for you or I won't necessarily work for another person but then there are other styles that everyone loves and enjoys wearing.

Styles for men and women alike to show their Healthy Female Forms not revealing too much or revealing just enough depending on the choice of wear.

This is one of the best holidays there is in the year and I think it has been proven each year. 

In Jamaica the fashion world is just unique and just to name a few of these styles we can be sure to look out for are 

*Short shorts for our females and beach shorts for our males. 

*Ripped Jeans for both females and males. 

*Merinos so the males can show their muscles and females do tend to wear these at times. 

* Dresses which are my absolute favorite. 

*Thin clothing, Bathing suits of all different design and patterns. 

While having fun throughout this summer there are things we should be mindful of and remember to do. For instance;

 keeping our bodies Hydrated and eat fruits so we can feel and look radiant, try not to expose yourself too much to the sunrays as this can lead to skin cancer. Also just to be prepared, you can do research on the places you're planning on visiting to be safe and accurate in making decisions.

Remember Actions do have consequences so enjoy this summer and Make good choices for a memorable and fulfilling holiday. 

Keep safe and see you soon.



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