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Astronauts and fashion

Astronauts and fashion 


In the days when we were young, it was very difficult and unlikely to hear anyone say that they wanted to take up this profession. I guess my friends and I were focused on other career paths that we considered more successful. With this in mind, most of my close allies wanted to become teachers, bankers, doctors, and nurses. In my recent visits to schools, I have observed that children in this era have the goal of becoming astronauts in this reputable industry. With this in mind, I want to write this article as a way of thinking out loud about the need for fashion in this career. I have been doing some research, and I have found out that the players in this industry have to wear space suits not only when they are doing missions but also when they are doing their rehearsals on earth stations.

Can Astronauts be fashionable too?

Fashion has become very unpredictable these days. The reason for saying this is that what we thought was not fashion some time back is what people are beginning to appreciate. Therefore, it has become almost impossible to predict what people are likely to appreciate tomorrow. Firms and businesses too are now tagging along in the movement in fashion. The reason I write this in confidence is that we see it in how companies are setting dressing standards. It was impossible to show up at work with some types of dressing. While on the other hand, many companies are now bending their statutes to allow both ladies and gentlemen to dress based on the recent trend in fashion.

While astronauts are on a mission, they are expected to have their space garments. These garments are engineered to protect them from any eventualities while they are in the space stations. It is difficult therefore to bend the rules in this stage to allow them to be fashionable, as safety has to come first. It is thus impossible for them to be fashionable and trendy while they are performing their roles. However, this conclusion does not mean that they look dull. In fact, over 65% of children having goals of becoming astronauts are because of their garments than in other things in their jobs.

No play makes Jack a dull boy

Therefore, astronauts can take advantage of their leave days for them to dress clothing that is trendy. For instance, if an astronaut has maybe four days away from work before they go for missions again. They can use this time to wear that outfit that they have always admired. They can wear those trendy shoes, that short dress or skirt or that loose blouse. By doing this, they are able to make up for the times that they cannot dress those trendy clothes. 

It is also important that they use the leave days to do premium fashionable activities and more so those that are not related to their profession. For instance, during this time that Fifa world cup 2018 is on, they can use this time to catch a game or two either in the house with friends or family or at a bar with close allies. This company will aid him or her to move with the trend and not remain professional throughout their lives. 


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