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Amazon FBA prep

Due to rapid development and advancement in the internet has made life a bit easier and convenient for internet users. Time consumption and wastage have been saved by this aspect of internet development and marketing. Things have gotten smoother and efficient with Amazon.  Shopping from home computers or phones is a task that many people never thought would be applicable though Amazon can prove them wrong.  It has become the world’s largest online shopping platform with an advantage of being a cheap and diverse style.

Amazon logistics product preparation requirements should be undertaken seriously failure to which can lead to Amazon rejecting goods, discarding and prevent future shipments to it. Such activities should be strictly avoided to create room for rapid business growth aided by Amazon.  In order to become a successful seller in Amazon, one must fulfill the Amazon requirements.  This consists of several labeling requirements which are as follows;

Sold as set labels is a labeling method in which units that are set must be marked assets on the packaging. Through this the typical sayings that “call a spade a spade” is very much applicable. Through this, Amazon clearly understands the sort of commodities one is selling either as a set or a single product.

Suffocation labels are a very vital aspect to consider.  Suffocation warning is applied either by been printed or attached as a label on the poly bags with a 5” opening or even larger. This bag is not a toy and should be handled with a lot of carefulness. Keeping the bag away from the reach of children, babies and not using the bag in carriages or playpens is the best way to avoid the danger of suffocation.  Proper labeling of the warning should be implemented by printing it with a legible font size for the size of the bag and placing it in a prominent location. 

Before delivery, each box should be marked with shipment labels on the carton. This helps Amazon in identification to avoid disposal of one’s goods.  Shipment labels can be downloaded from the Amazon seller system after creating a new shipping plan and fill in the shipment tracking number.  This is advantageous and a time-saving way since one can check the shipping status of the goods at shipping plan center.

Packaging requirements

As in every organization or a farm, project by-laws and culture should be highly adhered to.  Some of the amazon’s requirements are as follows;

For complete packaging, each product must have a separate and unique package.

Assets sold as a set should be well packaged and properly label indicating that it’s a set of assets and should not be separated

Polybagged units and bags should meet the requirements as follows;

Suffocation warning should be printed on the bag or can be attached to it as a label. This is important in the sense that it sends caution to avoid the danger of suffocation.

The print font size of the warning should be sufficiently large, eligibly placed in an appropriate location on the bag. This improves the ability of the warning to be pretty visible.


Amazon is a production company aiming at impressing customers by ensuring that customer service is given the first priority and is offered to the best quality standards. Customer satisfaction is met through selling high-quality products which are well packaged and secure making sure customer needs are fully met.


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