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'Zila Gorakhpur:' an up coming Bollywood Blockbuster

The first look of the film 'Zila Gorakhpur', which is going to be produced under the banner of ‘Nostrum Entertainment’, has been released.

The poster that released as the first impression absolutely looks stunning and gorgeous. It shows a man standing with saffron get up from the back. The man from behind looks alike the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, ShreeYogi Adityanath. Without even knowing the actual story one can logically bet that the Main Character in the coming Bollywood Dhamaka is the CM-Yogi that is because the CM Yogi is also a resident of Gorakhpur district along Mr. Yogi also represents the Gorakhapur Loksabha and Assembly seats for a long period of time.

The shocking thing about this movie poster is that the man in saffron has taken a gun in his hand. The picture of a calf is also clearly visible in the poster. Vinod Tiwari is going to produce this movie.

The poster released seems the biopic of UP CM, Shree Yogi Adityanath.

This film is being intended to show the true phenomenon of the Yogi's birthplace, belonging to UP's Gorakhpur district. As seen in the poster, the Ariel View of Gorakhpur city is visible around the person standing in front of the rising sun.

Before ‘Zilla Gorakhapur’, Nostrum Entertainment’s ‘Teri Bhabi Hai Pagle’ had been released but could not run successfully  as per the box office record but this time the interest in people can be seen as the film is based on the UP CM Yogi Adityanath who is one of the successful heavyweight Politician despite of his saint alike life style.

It is believed that the life of Shree Yogi Aditya Nath is like the hidden treasure of a long struggle, patience, and success for which he could able to turn his life from ‘Shree Ajay Singh Bisht’ to the honorable Chief Minister of India’s largest state, Uttar Pradesh. At the age of 22, after leaving the worldly attachment, Mr. Yogi left his own home at Panchur village of ‘Pauri’ District in ‘Uttarakhand’(Earlier was in Uttar Pradesh)and started practicing a monk's life and changed the birth name from ‘Ajay Singh Bisht’ to’ Yogi Adityanath’.

Even in the age of just 26, Shree Yogi Adityanath put the milestone of his life by winning India’s largest Loksabha Constituency, Gorakhpur.


After this, he did not look back. Journey of his success started from ‘Gorakhpur’ as the ‘Chief Saint’ of ‘Gorakhpith’ and formed his own organization named as ‘Hindu Youth Bahini’ and represented the Gorakhpur Parliamentary seat at least for two decade and now is the Mighty Chief Minister of India’s largest state.


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