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The dead living in Africa as relatives think they are long gone

Africa as a continent consists of many diverse cultural practices some of which are considered highly unbelievable. One such practice is a witchcraft practice which is almost similar to remote control.

Some communities are known to course people especially their enemies to die, allow their relatives to bury them and even perform very many African burial rituals and go ahead and imprison them in their homesteads or their houses as a slave!

If an individual wrongs a member of the community then one must prepare himself or herself to have a lifelong suffering. A mysterious sickness will strike the individual, the relatives will move from one Hospital to another seeking medication but to no success, finally, the culprit will die. The relatives will mourn and even take the body to the morgue and even have it viewed by very many other friends and relatives.

All the funeral arrangements will be made and the individual buried by the family members without knowing what befall their own. The funeral arrangement may even be announced in the social and mass media. The burial ceremony from here marks the beginning of a lifelong imprisonment to the culprit.

After the burial, the individual is taken to the offended home where he and some others who had died earlier are well fed and given heavy work to perform at night. They majorly work in plantations essentially weeding and digging the whole night and are locked indoors during the day. They are also well fed by their hosts.

Such slaves are known to plough very large hectares of land tirelessly thus making the magicians who captured them very rich.

Surprisingly ordinary people visiting such homes will never see the slaves, though you will be cautioned against sitting on some chairs. Is it common in those communities to be told not to sit on some chairs as one may sit on the slave visitors?

This kind of witchcraft is majorly found in Tanzania one of the East African communities and is never treated as a myth but reality. The community practicing this is highly respected with a lot of fear at a mere mention of their name or the name of the tribe.

The practice may be referred to as African Chemistry or remote control. The practice is majorly done to loan defaulters and some very abusive members of the community. The offended will go to a person who possesses the power of such practice with their offenders’ pictures. The magicians using their picture will bring the live people’s image in a trough of herbal treated water, perform some miracles and the offended person is left to go home and wait for the results. Within days the offender will start having consequences of his action either through mysterious sickness or tragic accidents and finally die.

Next times you visit Africa don’t wrong the innocent otherwise you may end up being a dead living in Africa for such a long duration while working in some cotton, coffee or sugarcane plantation in some remote village.


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