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Random Shayari and poem

This is a poem/ Shayari written on the basis of traveling experiences and relationships while you are constantly in and out of that, makes you disconnect at any time from yourself but at some point, you come to know that this is a benefit rather than a disadvantage but that is exactly what the relevance of yourself. The true you and the stories you make. That's the end result and which is fair enough to be accepted in a positive manner for doing good and improving your own self. So here it goes:-


Toota Mein bhi hoon , Toota Tu bhi hai ,

Judne ki koi umeed nahi !

Gunehgaar mein bhi hoon, Gunehgaar Tu bhi hai,

Sazze ki koi numaish nahi !

Pathar ko tootkar Kankad bante dekha hai,

Pathar ko toot te Hira bhi bante dekha hai !

Do Pehloo Sare Sawalon ke,

Par Jawab sirf Ek !

Kankad banne ki meri khwahish nhi,

Hira banne ki meri Taqdeer nhi !

Musafir hoon yaaron !

Us ek jawab ki talash mein poori zindagi lootaani hai !

Aaj wo gayi to kal fir koi aani hai !

Ye silsila to chalta rahega ,

Kyunki yahi teri meri zindagi hai,

Aur yahi meri kahaniyaan !



I am broken, Even you are

No hope to Re-unite

I am an accuser and so are you

No need for Punishment

I'hv seen dust from out of broken stones

I'hv also seen diamond forming out of broken stones 

Two perceptions of Every Question

But the Answer is just One 

I do not fancy turning into Dust

And not lucky enough to turn into Diamonds

I am a Traveller

I will spend my whole life searching for that one answer

If today she's gone a new one will arrive tomorrow

This will keep going on

Because this is our life

and These are my Stories!


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