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Quick Review on English Movie: Wonder (2017)

By any chance, do you have watched this movie, Wonder (2017)? 

This story simply showing new story side of a 10 years old middle school kid with a facial deformity. This story gives a lot of meaningful tears and sad moments to the audience who watch this movie.

The central attention character in this movie is Auggie Pullman (Jacob Tremblay), he is a brainy boy who has a congenital facial deformity. Everyone must have this one thought on him, "Why don't he try cosmetic surgery on his face?" Funnily, the face he had right now it is the result of his numerous plastic surgery. The previous face was worse.

His brain is on the different level. He is surely a science geek who is also Star Wars and Minecraft lover. He always has this small fantasy on feeling himself going out to the outer space. He even wears his astronaut helmet to the school. He even takes this advantage to hide his face from other kids. Despite his feature, his soul and innocent are the ones which shine the most. 

Overall this movie "Wonder", has this tasteful heart-tugger drama of level-headed empathy that has something touchy on the climate of American school bullying. Auggie doesn't have friends in his first few days in school due to the kids in school keep judging on his looks and felt disgusted with him.

Fortunately, everything gets better when one of kid name Jack (Noah Jupe) start to choose Auggie as his close friend and science-class partner.

If people wonder what happens to him at his previous school. No, he doesn't go to school, this middle school will be his first scary experience. He has been home-schooled by his own mother, Isabel (Julia Robert). But Auggie is 10 years old, his parents have decided to send him to middle school so that he knows how to deal with the real world out there and at the same time, they, as his parents can't shield him from the world forever.


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