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Music for Character Building

These days there have been two contradictory views on the impact of music on our growing society.  One reveals that music only brings profits to a certain group of society or an individual. The other, however, says that it may result in negative influence. To examine these opposed opinions, it is best recommended that we refer to the appearing of both factual cases and scientific study.


Factual Cases

It is undeniable that music is made up of tune and lyrics, and can be presented through live performance as well as by media of recordings, televisions, videos, and others. Live music performance is usually held in an open area or in a special indoor space, instead of in the studio, and with face to face audience. This is exactly where riots may break and, in turn, bring either violence or restlessness in our society. To illustrate, let us refer to as what happened to ACDC group from Australia some years ago. The investigation by police officer noted that the riot resulted from transport problem post-concert period. It was said that the fans failed to get vehicles transporting home, so they released their feeling of frustration to patrolling police cars and by braking demarcation. The officer did not manage to catch one as the suspect. Rather, they blamed the system of transports in the city that did not run well. 

The second instance is the incident that caused ten fatalities in the concert at the Asia Africa Cultural Center (AACC) in Bandung, Indonesia recently.  It began a few minutes before the concert was about to come to an end. A report from witnesses confirmed they saw fans were held up unconscious out of the building. Bottles of soft drink the arrangers gave out were alcoholic sniffed out, though they denied supplying them with some.  Later, authority in the city found out the primary reason of their death was probably the lack of oxygen because many illegal audiences enforced themselves entering the building and made it excessively crowded and they had to compete on getting out of the building for safety.


Scientific Study

Research in music by experts has mostly revealed various kinds of benefits, instead of disadvantages. These followings are reliable findings that may support the first view stated in the first paragraph.

1.      Early music training helps develop brain areas involved in language and reasoning.

Recent studies have specifically indicated that musical training physically develops the part of the left side of the brain which is associated with processing language and the ability to logically think.


2.      Music can develop a person’s spirit in the struggle.

In music, a mistake is always mistaking. The instrument and notes must be in tune and well played together. Only by hard work can a successful performance be performed. People learn the value of sustained effort to achieve excellence and concrete rewards of hard work.


3.      Music enhances teamwork skills and discipline.

To build a solid orchestra group, all players must work together harmoniously towards a single goal. This can merely be achieved through co-operation and self-discipline among the parts.


4.      Music provides children with means of self-expression

Every child needs to be in touch at some time in his life at his core, with what he is and what he feels.  Self-esteem is a by-product of this self-expression.


5.      Music performance teaches young people to conquer fear and to take risks.

A little anxiety is a good thing and something that will often occur in life. Dealing with it early and in high frequency makes it less of a problem later. Risk-taking is essential if a child is to fully develop his or her potential.


Music is just like foods we daily eat. Some are delicious. Some are horrible, depending largely on who view them.   Rock and Hard Beat are best addressed to young people.  The old might fail to taste music for the young. Music is nothing to blame for social violence, but the psychological state of the society can be.

Music, no matter what kind it is, is only meant to give profit to human. The recording firms, the musicians themselves, and the singers are economically benefited from the music industry. And the consumers must have certainly been entertained with it. The most important fact about music is that it is a universal language among nations throughout the world, and it can prepare the young generation for their best character building.


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