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Is it that difficult to express YOURSELF?!!

Like seriously, never thought that a day would come, which would make me contemplate writing an article (or maybe expressing myself!?) to vent out my emotions and every sort of feeling that a very ordinary girl like me would possess. Now that I have started off writing an article, I really like it to be unique. Informative?! Well, I'm not sure as the pre-requisite of the article writing is unique and informative. Nevertheless, I shall do my best to make it entertaining though!

How about this? You finish off watching something, you are repulsed by every single character of it and you feel wordless forever! This is the time when you feel helpless as to every single effort you have taken to express yourself, you find yourself struggling hard to get it out of your head or maybe you just don't want to get it out of your head but you want to become one like it. In this scenario, writing it down is THE only savior, my friends!

So why not talk about the character of one of the most moronic series that I just finished watching on Netflix and something I just can't stop thinking about. And, THIS, my friends, inspired me, first of all, to comprehend a lot, to seek the actual meaning of happiness and to figure out what I actually wanted in life. So, it should be noted, that there are three things which I love the most being alive. First is, my favourite food. I won't really call myself a foodie. But trust me, I am a woman of taste and class. *wink*. Going forward to the second most thing, which my friend keeps telling me that I was born to be in love (however not exactly like the Twilight girl, in spite of the fact that I love watching it over and over again! Alright, no need to be judgemental) which leads us to reveal the second reason of my existence, i.e. Love or maybe just to be loved? and the third most reason, not to forget, my most favourite of these all three things, is my sleep. There is no second thing in this entire world which can replace my affection for sleep. For me, it is irreplaceable. And it is true, for the record! Now, the only reason to mention the above things is just to intensify the long-lasting impact of this character of a series I just finished watching. It should be noted, that ever since I had started watching it on Netflix, there wouldn't have been a single day or be precise a night, when I would have slept for more than 5-5:30 hours until I finished the last episode of it.

Having disclosed above things and affirmed how I began with this new adventure of my life, i.e. "writing an article", I would like to dedicate my first article to this amazing character, I would have ever come across in my life, that is "Jane". Like an exact dramatic “telenovela” [a Spanish word which means it is a type of limited-run serial drama popular on Filipino, Latin American, South Asian, Portuguese and Spanish television networks], her life is full of excitements, happenings, thrill, family issues and last but not the least, love. Self-explanatorily, this always makes us be on our toe to find out what happens next. But, in this article I really don’t want to talk about the writer’s creativity to narrate a story he has displayed but definitely his capability to create a character like “Jane”, which a girl like me would love to be like. Hence, I would be addressing all the characteristics of Jane along with the contextual references from the series, which are required only to understand the importance of being “Jane” in our life. I would like to state that Jane, like us, is NOT perfect and trust me, my dear friends, this is one of the reasons why I admire her the most. Jane is extremely sensitive, caring towards not only her family but also each and every person she comes across, passionate & determined about her dreams and hence always ready to put in a lot of efforts in order to achieve them, very emotional but at the same time fierce to stand by her family and most importantly she is an incredible writer.

And hence, dear Jane, consider this as my letter to you, which I would like to open and read, every single time life will test my patience, love, capabilities I possess to overcome problems and rise above it as you did. Oh dear, how I wish you would be a real existing person in this world of fake people and I would have seen you in person and hugged you and told you how much I adore you forever! (**I had this urge of meeting a fictional character only once in my entire life before when I was totally overwhelmed after watching "Sherlock"; without forgetting to mention the one where Sherlock was played by Benedict Cumberbatch). Dear, you taught me how to stay strong in every single hurdle, life will come up with but at the same time how welcoming one can be to the greatest thing this world has to offer and to literally flip your problems around in 360 degrees from a hurdle to a pleasant surprise.

Your journey of starting your career from being a waitress to support your family financially - then to a working mother – followed by an editor in a publishing company of one of your favourite authors - and finally to become a publisher is just beyond my capacity to express. Dude, I remember your sleepless nights to complete your story to be submitted to your advisor in order to complete your academic year, exactly when you delivered a child, which again you accidentally artificially got inseminated. When you got to know about the artificial insemination, unlike any other common woman, you decided to go on with the pregnancy and deliver the child as the would-be father of the child had already been diagnosed with cancer. You indeed are kind and strong.

Dear Jane, you did make a couple of mistakes in your life, which were definitely big. Alas, you went ahead, confessed them and did everything possible to fix them. I could not sleep on the night, when you lost your lovable husband, whom you loved till eternity. I swear I cried that night my heart out. But, your battle of rising above all the grief, heartbreak & hopelessness of losing your life partner or maybe someone who meant almost life to you, demonstrates the fact that the person or the thing you love the most in your life should be your strength and not a weakness.

Leading to an end of this article, I would like to take a reference of the fact that every single time you came across the memory which was directly or indirectly associated with your dead husband, you always ended up crying. I remember you listening to the voice messages all alone you received from Michael (Your dead husband), when you missed listening to his voice badly; I remember you hiding your tears when Mateo (Your son) started painting Giraffe, which directly reminded you of Michael and hey if I am not failing to remember your exact 108 sessions with your psychiatrist to get rid of the panic attacks you had been getting whenever you got in contact with things or people who reminded you of your husband’s existence. Trust me, I could feel all that urge of yours to get rid of those panic attacks, grief, sorrow and at the same time to make sure that there is no injustice given to the childhood of your son or rather to everyone in your family. While doing everything possible to make things better, you had one thing with you or maybe a way out to escape the reality and to be in a world of yours, where no responsibility, no fear, no sorrow would knock your door and you could simply be yourself for a while, i.e. your writing.

Trust me Jane, I am using the same workaround to voice my feeling I have right now after finishing the last episode as I mentioned above. And now that I am standing here on the verge of making closure to this article, dear, I would love to tell you that I have exactly the same feeling when you finished writing your novel (of course a romantic one, to specify) and you held a book-read of your favourite chapter of the novel; post which you stopped crying about it. I feel like a burden of emotions, I have been carrying on my head for ages, has gotten released by pinning it down. A “thank you” would not suffice the intensity of my gratitude for teaching us the importance of being calm and patient, no matter what, people do their best to get under your skin.

To end it, I wish everyone patience, strength and love to figure out Jane within us to conquer the battle of life.

More power to you Jane! We love you till eternity for you being yourself!



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