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How To Make Your Brain Cells Connected?

The condition for the healthy body is to make nutritious, balanced and besides exercising regular exercise. But how to maintain the fitness of mind and thought?


Here we present some situations that require you to think about sweating. It may be necessary to add some personal traits within yourself by acknowledging that you are able to give answers to all these questions.


While almost 95% of people cannot answer it correctly.


These questions ask you to provide answers to situations that may endanger your life. But you have to figure out how to escape and continue life as usual.


Let's start.


First question.

You are on the 50th floor of the skyscraper. Arrived at the scene of the tremors that would ultimately cause the collapse of the building. Warnings have been given to you to evacuate the building immediately because the collapse will occur at any time.


Only one way can take you down quickly and safely. That is the elevator. However, your journey to getting down from the 50 level skyscraper is not easy.


You need to choose between the 3 door lifts that each one is in danger of awaiting.


The first door,

There is a venomous spider that can take your life within a few seconds of the lift if it stung. Therefore, you need to see what is in the next elevator door to make the door which is more appropriate to save yourself.


The second door


There are thousands of mosquitoes floating in the elevator. If bitten, you may be infected with a bite from which the cure has not been found. Is this door optional or you want to know what is in the next elevator door?


The third elevator,


Have a full load of hot boiling water. If you get into it, only a few seconds your meat will be cooked and blood travel will stop. For all these pending dangers, Which door is your choice to save yourself from the collapse of the skyscraper. You need to be honest and only 30 seconds from now are given for you to answer the question.


The second question

You are conducting an expedition to a cave that has suddenly become a shake until the cave rocks have closed the main road. However, there is still another route that you can penetrate into the cave.


Before that, you need to choose which paths can really save your life as there is a danger that awaits each of these outbound lanes.


The first lane,


There are huge rocks that are falling very strongly so that it can blow you up and cause severe injuries. More unfortunate that many bones will break and if it's a leg bone, your journey will be harder.


The second lane,


There is a long-lost wild beast, you may not like the hoofed and sharp-eyed animals. Therefore, you still have the opportunity to know if the danger is waiting in the last lane.


The third lane,


It is filled with burning heat because there is a fire that is raging waiting for the victim to be hung up. You do not want to cook it alive to make wild beef lunch in the second aisle. Therefore, be honest in answering this question within 30 seconds.


Third question.

You have been kidnapped by a crazy scientist who wants to make you a test survivor. If you've ever heard of lab rats, that's what the experimental material means. You may fail in the test and then die there.


There are only three paths that can save you from becoming a victim of the crazy scientist. However, as always this route does not give you an easy journey. 


The first route,

The crazy scientist did not produce the largest artificial snow he had planned to cover his neighborhood. But the test specimen that is the strongest nitrogen has covered the entire first route. As soon as you pass through it, your whole body will immediately freeze. So, are you able to fight the cold?


The second route,

You certainly want to leave the laboratory in a safe, but the second path was once inhabited by a serial killer whose activities are successfully suppressed by the police in 1890. So, for those of you who do not want to be killed by a serial killer may be able to choose the next route this is.


Third Path,


Have a thorny plant that will cripple your nervous system if a durian is exposed to the skin. The plants multiply so much that they cover the path. However, you can still use your elbows and arms to reveal and decide on the stalk of the creeping plant.


So, between the three routes, which would be your choice to save yourself? please be honest and use only 30 seconds for you to give the right answer.


Then, check all the answers to the questions here. >>>>>>


Answers For First Testing of Mind Test


Second lift door.


Mosquitoes do not have the immediate effect that can hurt. In fact, there is still enough time for you to get treatment if it is bitten by a mosquito that has been infected although the antidote has never been found. Mosquitoes also do not necessarily want to bite you, they probably will not ignore your presence there.


Answers To The Second Question of the Tests


Second lane

Naturally, the pyramid is culminating at this point. But instead of two other lanes that can cause you to be crushed and burned, it is better to use the second aisle that there is the only animal carcass. It's been a long time for this animal to starve, he's probably dead or cannot even get you. So your chance is very bright to get out safely through the cave.


Answers To Third Questions of Mind Test


The second door


Are you wondering if it is more dangerous than a serial killer? It's better to just stay with the crazy scientist and become his lab rat. Before that, try to see exactly when the last assassin lived there. He was also arrested in 1890, nearly a century ago. So, this second line is likely to be your only footprint.


Congratulations, if your answer is correct.



Why are all the answers to the second door? Just because of coincidence.


Are you able to answer these three questions accurately?


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