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Horror Series on Netflix GHOUL

To all the horror fans, this series is a delight. The best part is the first season has only 3 episodes in total but has explained the concept of this dark energy ghoul in the most realistic way possible.

Ghoul, an evil spirit, known as Demon to Hindus and Gin to Muslims. There's a huge myth behind this in all the religions from decades. If you browse youtube for the same, you will be able to find a variety of videos on capturing gins in a bottle and don't go further, do you all remember the cartoon series Alladin? well, in that series the magical lamp contained Ginnie. Be it cartoons or stories or movies and now series, Ginnie's has been defined real in life but as per the modern society many of us not believes in supernatural stuff but the truth is that it exists.

Moreover, the reason why this can be believed is that Gin's are a part of black magic/witchcraft. In the series Ghoul, Radhika Aapte comes to know that her father, before his death, did some rituals cutting his hand with a blade and making this evil sign with his own blood to call out the gin. The reason being only if you make such a sacrifice, you give your soul to the gin and he fulfills your wish. "SACRIFICE" Well, that's the term to callout Evil, isn't it, in every mythology its been presented the same way.

So, this ghoul can take the form of the human which he has last bitten and when the ghoul bites her boss, it takes his form, and that's the reason why she kills him, to stop the ghoul spreading into anyone else. Yet again, The body is dead, not the soul. In the Last scene its shown that Radhika Aapte is under the bars for being a traitor and cuts her hand with the blade and trying to make the sign to call out for a ghoul. The next season is supposed to be on the true events that occurred in India.

Ginnie stories have been in India for a long time ass I said, the stories of gin's taking forms of humans and marrying girls, even living a regular lifestyle like humans but everyone has been thinking about it just as stories, not reality, till the time one don't experience it, we will deny it. Making it look more realistic through this series is actually a good initiative by Netflix, not only towards the public interest and entertainment but to also giving out a viewpoint about a thing which everyone believes but denies to accept. Intelligence and Science are playing a vital role in our life, spirituality as well but for humans, it's very essential to know about our ancestors, If Gods, then Evil as well, because if God exists, then evil as well. There's a reason why maulvis, pandit's etc, all these positions were invented in the first place. It will be Good to know the Bad because that's what going to make all of us Aware.



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