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Funniest marriage deals in Modern Africa

Africa, Africa, Africa! Money is soon taking the center stage in most marriage negotiations. Definitely, most of our friends from the West and other places outside Africa must have heard how difficult it was to marry a black-beauty from this beautiful continent.

Most communities used non-conventional forms of wealth to seal their marriage agreements. These varied from livestock, yams, ornaments and even traditional brews for the negotiation. This was not expensive because they could not be quantified in terms of monetary currency. Most communities used barter trade where communities would exchange one commodity with commodities from other communities in need of their commodities based on desires driven by the double coincidence of needs from each other.

The emergence of money economy has not only metamorphosized trade in Africa but also greatly affected marriage as a social institution in Africa. Whereas traditionally wealth was valued in terms of non-conventional materials like livestock, Precious stones and agricultural produce money has so far overtaken all this.

It is of common knowledge that young ladies in Africa and even most of their parents would look at the success of a groom to be in terms of money at hand or 'size of his chequebook'. You would hear most saying 'love is not food'. This could as well demonstrate a groom's ability to take care of the bride as it was in traditional settings

This would be demonstrated vividly during a marriage negotiation, from the initial stage to the final wedding stage. The first encounter of a groom to a bride's family should demonstrate his economic power or to some extent his lavish lifestyle in terms of good shopping, a good car, a smartly dressed company and even their high paying professions like working abroad or very senior positions in the government.

At negotiations, one would be required to pay large sums of money for virtually every stage of the argument made. Traditional brews would be replaced by modern alcohol or money as a substitute. A talkative groom would receive occasional punishment in form of money with modern documentation done in minutes form.

The process of money payment would continue for as long as you visit your bride to be. The groom to be would be advised by his accompanying friends not to talk too much to evade some payments though occasionally he would be provoked by a few 'mashemeji' or in-laws to test his patience. At this stage, if he gets offended then for sure a fine is levied against him.

Money power has also been used by some grooms as a way of intimidating the bride's family. The entourage would consist of very many people with big cars or even choppers to show their economic might. If the girl's family is poor then the grooms entourage would do most of the talking without fear and would flash money out and give the lady's kids without fear. The whole village would marvel at the entourage and this would be the pride of the girl's family.

During the wedding, the groom's family would again be expected to contribute heavily to the wedding. Most men would end up with big loans after the wedding to the extent that the family is highly unstable.

Next time you want to get married as a man to an African lady ensure your financial status is very stable.


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