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Did You Know that Mick Jagger Runs over 21 km on One Concert?

Yes, the Rolling Stones frontman on the new European tour sings, dances and jumps lively as always, although he is 74 years old. Can you imagine your dad doing it? Or grandfather? How does Mick manage to do it?

Sex, drugs and rock and roll do not sound like a healthy prescription for long life, but is Mick Jagger proof for the opposite? The 74-year-old front man of one of the most popular bands ever is as energetic on stage as before, extremely mobile, durable and obviously in great shape. But if you thought that a man can calmly live an unhealthy life, and yet when they get older, be vigilant (and even welcome old days), we must disappoint you. Namely, Mick has good genes that he inherited from his dad, a fitness trainer who regularly exercised and experienced the age of 93, but more importantly, an old rocker who has recently proven his vitality, and by the eighth time, he became a father living a very healthy life.



The Stones have a whole range of two hundred support staffs, including nutritionists, and with their advice, Mick maintains a 71 cm waistline, with mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, chicken, and fish. Occasionally adheres to the ketogenic diet, which includes many fats and proteins, and almost none of the carbohydrates helps in the rapid loss of pounds and fat tissue. Apparently, he adores the avocado, which is an excellent source of healthy fats, and for breakfast he likes smoothie, but four hours before the concert he eats a good plate of pâté so that his muscles are full of glycogen. According to the advice of Jo Wood, former guitarist Ron Wood, Jagger has been eating organic food for years.


Jagger would not be able to run a half-marathon of 21 km, which he allegedly crossed at each concert if he did not regularly train. Between the tour, the singer runs 10 miles a day, rides bicycles, swims, does kickboxing and exercises with resistance, five to six days a week. A trusted associate in this is Norwegian Eike, a physiotherapist who worked with athletes in the Olympics, and has been with Jagger for 24 years.


Jagger practices anti-gravity yoga allegedly for six days a week - a demanding combination of gymnastics and acrobatics carried out hanging on cloth-woven meshes hanging from the ceiling. Exercises are very hard, but they help not only with stretching and flexibility but also with psychological relaxation.


According to some, Jagger practiced ballet and before meeting Melanie Hamrick, 43 years old, the younger American ballerina, while others claim that ballet exercises began just when he met her. However, demanding ballet training is excellent for balance, and for the line - Melanie has returned to the stage of the prestigious American Ballet Theater four months after her birth, in which she is one of only two ballerinas with children.


Previously, Stones have been taken various pills, but for a long time, they switched to significantly healthier vitamins. Jagger regularly takes vitamin A, B complex, C, D and E in combination with fish oil, ginseng, and ginkgo biloba.

Facial and hair care

Jagger is very attentive to his tan and regularly uses hydrating creams, most often Clarins, Lancome and supercar Creme de la Mer, and when his skin needs extra care, he uses the Super Flight brand Prescriptives, which quickly returns moisture or masks based on caviar La Prairie for tensile and rejuvenation.

He is lucky because he has a naturally good hair, but although his daughter, model Liz Jagger, claims that he has a natural color, it seems that Mick is still using the services of a hairdresser who comes to him to treat his gray hair growth.

Jagger drinks, but very moderately, claims that he has not touched any drugs for years, not does just hate smoking, but does not like being near someone who smokes. It really changes everything - even Keith Richards practically no longer drinks.


Long before it became a standard, Jagger inevitably used earbuds to protect his hearing from the noise produced by Stones on shows and concerts.


We can all agree that he is a very good – looking 74 – years old man who looks good and performs well for his age. What is interesting to mention is that after concerts he says that he does not even feel tired. How amazing is that? Probably with the years he got used to it and these things do not represent a problem for him. We hope that we will get to see his performances for many, many more years because the Rolling Stones are definitely one of the greatest bands of all times. 


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