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Is Billions TV Series Worth Watching?

There aren’t many series out there that you can say, ‘Wow, this is such an interesting story that we can learn a lot from’. But if you decide to dedicate some quality time to series, it is recommended to choose one that will allow you to expand your horizons and learn a lot from it. There is a series that is not really new on the TV, but if you haven’t heard of it before, now is the right time to learn about it more. The name of the TV series is Billions.

The Billions series has already gone through the third season and we can say that it is becoming more and more interesting with its story. We would dare to say that the series has progressed every season, and the last four episodes have been the most prolific than ever. We were especially impressed by the British actor Damian Lewis in this last season because the character of Bobby Axelrod has fully developed and led to perfection. Sharp, powerful, ruthless, Ax in the third season ceases to be a family man, a lover and a husband, but only a business-like predator. We cannot say if these characters, in reality, are the same...? And then it comes to mind Anthony Scaramucci. Prior to becoming director of communications at the White House, serving Trump, The Mooch founded and managed the hedge-fund investment company SkyBridge Capital and was one of the initiators of the hedge-fund conference SALT.

Billions - Myth or Reality?

One more information was buzzing - namely, one of the authors of the series Billions, Brian Koppleman, attended Tufts University together with Scaramucci. Accident? We doubt it. It also lists a few more vibrant inspirations for Bobby Axelrod's character - Steve Cohen, investor Daniel S. Loeb and Bill Ackman. An addict on the series is Robert Wolf too, former president and COO UBS who once said that the series reconciled stereotypes from Wall Street during the 1980s and today's picture of the situation and big players, and that the influential historical fiction is actually done. Wolf also said he could identify with many situations and a story from his trading time at the investment bank Salomon Brothers, who found himself in a bargain bond scandal, which partly inspired the second season, and at the end of the second season he recalled the situation: Axelrod withdrew from detention with a bailout, his assets are frozen and the company has become toxic.

Bobby Axelrod's character has all the traits of a successful hedge fund manager: He's cool, fun and cautions. He is smart, intelligent, and sometimes shows the fragments of his personality, from humor, but also to anger. In any case, his behavior is constantly tense, marginally - you never know in which direction he will go, despite his cold character and calmness.

On the other hand, in reality, litigants, lawyers of the state prosecutor's office, do not meet criminals and do not push their target 'on the road' because they would at the same time endanger their case, as is often the case in the series. He is also the character of Rhoades, played by the fantastic Paul Giamatti, here squeezed to unprecedented proportions, of course, in order to pair Axelrod. Otherwise, in the real world, there is none of the above - eloquence, such an analysis, and even a tile with a name on the table. But for us, the viewers, it does not matter. The fights or, to be more precise, the dance that the two of them have been dancing together for the third time, is something that is most dramatically best developed in the past year. And if the prosecutor's role had to be spiked and brought to the limit to be compared to Bobby’s – so be it. These two powerful characters simply carry the series equally. If one was weaker, the story would not be so good.

The series will continue for several more seasons, there is no doubt about it. There is a lot of material that we all need to go through, and the situation between, in reality, unregulated hedge funds and the financial market, and the growth of cryptos is just an additional inspiration for the continuation of the story. We are very interested in which direction it will continue...


So, if you were looking for a new interesting TV series to start watching but at the same time to learn something from it, this is the right one for you. It presents so many real-life stories that we can all learn from them. It is definitely something worth watching that you will even tell your friends about it so that they can join you on your watching adventure and have fun together. Watching a TV series in the company is always a lot more fun.