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5 Relationship Red Lights

Have you ever wondered why some people end up with the worst possible person in life? Couldn’t they see the signs? Well, the signs are there; but our excuse is that love is blind. Love is the most amazing thing but it could be the most hurtful thing if it’s not mutual. Though it may not be easy to leave, there are signs that if you continue in that relationship you may end up really hurt or worse. We can never change people’s character and beliefs the best thing to do is to run from such terrible adventures before they begin. Here are some red lights that show the relationship won’t work.

1.       Lack of Communication

If you are the only one making efforts to communicate in your relationship, then your partner may no longer be interested in you. Your partner doesn’t return your calls, doesn’t text you back, and hardly chats with you even when he’s online. These are signs that maybe you are the only one ready for the relationship.

2.       Always complains of your appearance

If you notice that your partner could take a marker and label all the bad parts on your body. It means he is not satisfied with who you are, and that’s a sign that u should run away. You constantly hear things like: You look too fat; you are too black, your lips are too big, you have a big tummy, why can’t you be like your friend. These words are quite hurtful to you and could kill your self-esteem. You should be in a relationship where you are loved for being who you are.

3.       Abusive behavior

Men beating their wives or women beating their husbands doesn’t start overnight; there are always signs. It could start with how he/she is always yelling at you in very scary tones or clutching his fist in an argument. Then what could come next would be a ‘mistake’ slap. Relationships are meant for people that are matured enough to deal with the differences and still be in love. If it starts becoming abusive at any point; don’t re-think it. RUN AWAY.

4.       Control freak

Control freaks are people that want to be in charge of every area of your life. This causes women to be stuck in the kitchen because their husband doesn’t allow them to work. There are signs that your partner wants to control your life. It could start by him or her giving little orders like:  You are not going to the party and that’s final; you can’t be friends with her. These are signs that your partner may be a control freak so you need to watch it carefully and know when to run.

5.        Lack of trust

No relationship can stand without trust; if your partner doesn’t trust you, you may be entering a very hurtful relationship. Because of the lack of trust, accusations of cheating may arise, Painful declarations and so on. If you can’t build that trust back you need to leave.

Remember that love is only amazing when you are with the right person if these red lights are very vivid in your relationship you need to run until you find the right person for you.


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